Small businesses can rejoice: You don’t need a massive Facebook marketing budget to make waves. Even if you only serve a local or regional market with your small business, Facebook is a solid channel for reaching a much larger audience to grab market share (and customers) from your competitors.

Here are some of the most effective Facebook marketing tips to give your business a competitive edge:

Create a better cover

Sure, a generic cover with a basic logo or a picture of your business will fill the space at the top of your page, but why not post a video cover instead? String together a series of short clips from recent events or video taken of your business, customer interactions, happy employees, etc. Upload the video as your page’s cover to showcase your brand and the culture of your small business. That’s far more attractive to prospective customers than a static image.

Plan your content

Creating a content calendar where you plan what you’ll post and when helps ensure you’re posting consistently. A good ratio to follow is the 80/20 rule: 80 percent helpful and interesting content for every 20 percent of content that’s selling your product. Planning your social content ensures you are publishing a balanced amount of content from each category and you won’t end up alienating customers with too many self-promotional messages.

Use Facebook’s story feature

Facebook’s story feature is a terrific way to get easy-to-digest posts in front of your audience. It’s also a great way to showcase the culture of your small business. Stories are a more casual way to engage your audience, and it’s a form of Facebook marketing that costs you nothing but a little time behind the lens. Stories don’t have to be news-specific. They can be anything from an engaging question to a short video with a question or poll. Use anything that will ramp up engagement.

Go Live on Facebook

Followers enjoy this more casual content, especially in video format, because it gives them a peek behind the scenes of your business. You don’t need to have anything scripted. Just giving a general idea of what you want to cover can be sufficient. Live feeds can be anything from showcasing a new product, a tutorial, customer testimonials or live coverage of an in-store event.

Measure your success

No matter your approach to Facebook marketing, make sure you’re measuring the success of your efforts. Take time each week to review your Facebook insights. Check post and content performance to continually adjust your strategy to determine which actions — like the ones listed above — are most effective in bringing you new customers and improving engagement on your Facebook page.

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