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West Press is committed to creating a cleaner workplace for the health and well-being of our employees as well as doing our part to create a cleaner environment for our children and grandchildren.
Printed With Soy Ink Logo

Soy Ink Logo Package

Printed with Soy Ink

Soy inks significantly reduce the amount of toxic metals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are released into the air during printing.

Soy inks produce brighter colors and produce more impressions than the same amount of petroleum ink, which translates into a 5 percent to 50 percent increase in transfer efficiency.

Soy inks are more forgiving, making it easier to produce a high-quality job with less waste. Plus, it is easier and faster to change from a dark-colored to a light-colored ink with soy, reducing the chemicals needed to wash up. Any remaining soy ink from a press run used at West Press is stored, reused and recycled.

Feel free to download and use the SoySeal(Printed with Soy Ink) for any offset printed material produced by West Press.

Sustainable Forest Product

When we use paper from managed forests we give tree farmers a reason to plant trees, maintain their forests and avoid selling their land for development. These trees become forests that improve air quality, provide clean water and protect soil and wildlife. In our continued effort to reduce our carbon footprint and yours, West Press proudly uses house stocks from managed forests.

We’ve created the Sustainable Forest Product logo for you to show your support for the environment.  Feel free to download and use the logo on materials printed on West Press house stocks.

Sustainable Forest Product Logo

Sustainable Forest Logo Package