Parallax Effects in Modern Web Design

Let's take a look at one of the biggest trends in modern web design

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parallax balloon picture hovering above the clouds

Pretty Cool Huh?

Parallax can also be used for special effects like below…

What is Parallax and Why use it in Web Design?

Parallax describes the relative appearance of an object when viewed from different points of view. For example, when a driver looks at the speedometer needle in their car it may show 40, whereas to the passenger in that vehicle it may look more like 35.

Above you saw examples of Parallax Scrolling where different foreground and background layers move independently of one another. In some situations this can give the illusion of depth or upward movement.

Below you will see other examples of Parallax Effects that can give interesting animation effects and even depth of field. Move your mouse around the box below to see this effect.

The Benefits of Parallax in Web Design

Parallax effects are immersive and engage your audience with interesting visuals. Giving your visitors a sense of control is another important aspect of parallax websites. Users are free to scroll down or up the page at their own pace and interact freely. Parallax is also an excellent way to tell an interactive story on your website. For example, you could have a company history timeline where as users scroll through the page they reveal an interesting chronological tale of how your company came to be. Parallax also makes for unique content experiences and makes your website stand out.

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