Web Design, SEO & Web-to-Print

We offer a full spectrum of top-notch web services…

Web Design

We can help you revamp an existing website, or take your website ideas and make them into reality. We build responsive websites that intelligently adapt to the many viewing devices—phone, tablet and desktop. This type of design is fluid and user friendly when compared to old “fixed-width” and mobile device styles. Websites are designed so that you can modify and maintain the site as needed—add pages, upload photos, manipulate menus, tweak content. Our skilled staff has the professional and technical knowledge required to work with both open source and proprietary technologies to provide state-of-the-art solutions that work for your company.

Mastery of Web Technologies

Content Management Systems

We are specialized in WordPress, which started as a blogging system but has evolved into a powerful CMS.

E-Commerce Solutions

Ready to sell your products or services online? We’re ready to help you automate revenue today.

Seamless Integrations

Website integrations with 3rd party APIs like MailChimp, PayPal, UPS and FedEx.

Maintenance Packages

While sites we create can easily be maintained without professional support, we do offer maintenance packages for client convenience.

SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a websites’ organic (non-paid) ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The higher a website is on the search results page and the more frequently it appears in the results list, the more visitors it will receive. Search Engine Optimization increases both the quantity and quality of website traffic by aligning keywords, content and website structure that is relevant and useful to the search engine user. Research, proper execution and continuous updating of website content is key to long-term optimization. Our approach to search engine optimization uses purely organic, search-engine approved techniques following the search, index, rank methodology.

Keyword Research

We analyze your competition to deploy best keywords, optimizing your website for search.

Search Friendly Development

Usability, user experience and website content play important roles in your search ranking.

Link Building

Back Linking from External Sites & Cross Linking within the Website.

Sitemap Creation

We ensure optimal sitemaps so that search engines will index your website accurately.

Image Optimization

Compressing images for quick load times and tagging them for web crawlers and screen readers.

Traffic Analytics

We help you measure and track success with Google Analytics.

Web-to-Print Solutions

We offer incredible print-on-demand and web-to-print solutions to maintain your branding guidelines across print collateral. Have designated users log into your private ordering portal to customize items like business cards, envelopes, thank you cards and more!

Example web-to-print portal catalog view
Example of print-on-demand business cards

Web Design & SEO Glossary

Our Process

We sit down together and discuss your online goals to create a strategy for an effective website project.
We research your industry, target market and audience to gauge the best positioning for your new website. We also research your online competition to take advantage of their weaknesses and improve upon the strengths of their strategies.
The direction of your website has been established and design mock-ups and wire-frames are designed to give a preview of what the website will look like when it is finished. This is the phase of the project where all design aesthetics and graphic elements are refined before development begins.
A final design has been created and is ready for development into a functional website with a CMS back-end.

Optimize & Test
Your website content is optimized for search engines and the website is thoroughly tested for glitches, bugs and broken links before it is released publicly. This involves testing the website in all major browsers and platforms to ensure responsiveness and functionality are cohesive.
Your brand new website is ready to launch live to the public.
We teach you how to maintain your new website. Things like adding or changing pages, blog posts, products, graphics and images are all covered in this training.

We would love to build you an effective website or web-to-print solution...

Web Design & SEO Glossary

A Glossary of Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Terminology

Alt Tags contextual information added to images on the web to describe their contents to search engines and blind people who cannot see them.

Anchor Text the text portion of a link that is visible to the user. Search engines use anchor text to determine the relevancy of a link to the respective content or website.

Backlink an incoming or inbound link from one website to another. Depending on the reputation of the site, a backlink can be good or bad for pagerank. For example a backlink from a reputable social network such as YouTube will be positive to a website’s pagerank while a backlink from a spammy website will be negative to the site’s pagerank.

CMS (Content Management System) a program or system that allows a user to edit and add content, like text or images, and publish it to a website without any technical knowledge of web programming languages like HTML.

Conversion Rate the rate at which visitors of a website complete a certain goal. For example, the number of visitors who buy a product or fill out a form over the total number of visitors.

Dynamic Website a website that automatically updates when something such as the copyright date in the footer changes.

Keyword, Key Phrase a specific word or set of words that are typed into a search engine like Google to find information about a particular topic.

Pagerank the relative position of a website in search engine results pages. The higher the pagerank of a particular site, the higher in the search results it will be found.

Responsive Web Design the practice of building websites that respond to the user’s device window, whether that be a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop.

Spider, Crawler, Bot also known as search engines, these systems navigate the internet by following links and creating indexes of pages and content to be later searched for by users.

Static Website a website that must be manually updated when something such as the copyright date in the footer changes.