From typos and weak content to cluttered pages and poor navigation, there are a lot of pitfalls you can fall prey to when creating your website. Don’t hurt your site’s overall engagement by making these web design mistakes:

Your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices

We said it in last week’s blog When it’s time to redesign your website and we’ll keep repeating ourselves! There are more mobile web users than desktop ones, so don’t ignore this audience by having a site that doesn’t respond to the user’s screen size.

You’re all sparkle with no substance

The number one way to engage customers is through captivating content. Sure, a beautiful site will draw viewers in but if you don’t back it up with solid writing, they’ll click away as quickly as they came.

You’re not keeping your site updated

Not only is it a security risk, but a site that isn’t maintained and kept updated can leave a bad first impression. Just like you pay your bills every month, make sure to set aside time to give your site a monthly once-over to keep information current.

Your site has broken links

There are few things more annoying when searching a website than coming across a “Page Not Found” after clicking a link. As important as keeping your site updated, check all links to keep your site free of bugs.

Your customer is inundated with videos, sound and pop-ups

We’re not saying these elements are bad, they just have a right way and a wrong way for using them. Don’t have a pop-up that appears as soon as a person arrives on a page — let the visitor review the page and make sure to give him or her an “x” button to exit out of it easily. Loud music and autoplaying videos with sound are a good way to get someone to immediately click from your site.

Your site lacks polish

The devil is really in the details. From drop-down menus and images to font and color choice, all elements have a big impact on your site’s professionalism and appeal. Step back and review your site from the customer’s point of view. Ask yourself: Are the pages engaging? Do I have a clear call to action? Can I easily find what I’m seeking?

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