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Large Format Versatility

West Press offers a variety of indoor and outdoor products to meet your specific large format needs. Large format graphics and signage can be a great way to boost the visibility of your business, products or special event. Large format signage is needed for many different purposes including: Directional, Educational, Informative, or Commercial purposes.

  • Special Events
  • Fund Raisers
  • Temporary Signs
  • Permanent Signs
  • Trade Show Signs
  • Retail Graphics
  • Meetings and Events
  • Training Events
  • Construction Site Signage

Tips for Creating Effective Large Format Signage


  • Floor Graphics: arrows, footprints, way finding signage, aisle markers
  • Shelf Signs: sign that adheres to a shelf or hangs down from a shelf
  • Retail Hanging Signs: signs hanging from a ceiling, good for advertising sales and specials
  • Counter Graphics: informational adhesive back graphics adhered to counter such as change mats


  • Coroplast Signs: yard signs, directional signs, political signs, real estate signs
  • Flags: feather flags, tear drop flags, usually printed on polyester or nylon
  • A Frames: signs that stand up on the ground like the letter ‘A’, usually placed outside a storefront on the sidewalk
  • Sandwich Board Signs: typically designed to hang off a person’s shoulders


  • Standees & Cutouts: custom shaped signs, figure cutouts
  • Table Top Displays: promotional material, tradeshow graphics, can be in acrylic holders
  • Labels / Decals: labels for products, inventory, decals for vehicle, window, door; like a sticker
  • Point of Purchase: graphics or displays at a checkout or register
  • Table Graphics: table throws, table runners, graphics that cover a table
  • Window Clings: good for temporary signage, can be made for inside or outside the window
  • Banners: long vinyl banner, usually with a graphic or message
  • Pop Up Displays: retractable banner stands, tradeshow graphics, easy to set up or put away
  • Window Perf: perforated window film, from the inside you can see out, from outside you see the graphics
  • Posters: paper, foam core, gatorboard, hang in windows, snap in frames, sit on an easel
  • Wall Graphics / Murals: graphics with adhesive back attached to wall, wall wrap, permanent or removable

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Large Format Glossary

A Glossary of Posters, A-Frame and Signage Terminology

  • Coroplast A fluted plastic product often called “plastic cardboard.” The plastic used is polypropylene. It is an affordable sign making product.
  • Foam Core A product that has a piece of paper on either side of a thickness of styrofoam. Usually used for short duration signage, such as meeting and event signs that will stand on an easel. Foamcore board will warp with changes in humidity, and is not recommended for permanent displays.
  • Gatorboard® A branded product of International Paper consisting of a layer of moisture impregnated paper on either side of a thickness of styrofoam. Recommended for more permanent displays.
  • Hem Sewing or taping a cut edge of material so as to prevent it from unraveling.
  • Laminating Covering a print with plastic or a liquid that hardens to protect the print. Many types of laminate, both cold and hot applied, are available.
  • Pole Pocket Pocket formed on banners to capture a pole usually for mounting or hanging purposes.
  • Solvent Printing Inkjet printing with piezo printheads and inks that use a solvent instead of water to carry the pigments. The solvent evaporates off of the media, leaving the pigments. The pigments are not water soluble, making the output waterproof. This is a common process for making outdoor banners.
  • Vinyl Catch all term for the many and varied PVC substrates used as media for banners, displays, wall graphics, etc. Available in many weights and configurations.