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5 Inspirational Websites for May 2014

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With so many websites out there it can be fun to explore the internet for ideas and inspiration. This month we have compiled a list of five thought provoking websites that demonstrate remarkable features and characteristics.  Enjoy!


Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function is a cutting edge website that is a collection of interactive experiences. In the past, effects like these could only be achieved with Flash animation. This means that the interactive artworks will function on both desktops and tablets. Check out the amazing and visually stunning interactive modules on this site, they are extraordinary. The award-winning project was created by developer Jongmin Kim, who now works at Google.


Project Naptha

Project Naptha is a website showcasing a revolutionary plug-in for web browsers that automatically reads the text in images using state-of-the-art computer vision technology. This results in an experience where users can edit, translate, highlight, copy and paste textual information within images. Formerly text in images could be read by people but you couldn’t select the text to do anything with it. This could be a sign that search engines may soon adopt similar technology to read the information contained in images that is currently not supported.



Uber is a personalized transportation service that features an app available for iphones and androids to book your ride. The service is available in select global cities at the moment, but is prepared for worldwide operation. The website is elegant yet simplistic aesthetically. It has a prominent full-screen slideshow highlighting the core features of the service. The site is responsive, meaning that it is mobile friendly to anyone that does not have the app for their phone or tablet.



FiftyThree is a startup company that offers a free app for the ipad called “Paper” that enables the user to create digital paintings, sketches, journal entries, notes and outlines and then order their digital archives as a printed book for a set price. Their website exhibits a vivid full-screen video showcasing their new product called “Pencil” which is a digital stylus in the shape of a carpenters pencil – ideal for use in “Paper.” The site is high-tech but concise and responsive.



Mextures is an app for the iphone similar to Photoshop but much more simplified with a social sharing feature. The website features large full-screen images and what is known as the “Paralax Scrolling” effect. This means as you scroll down the site, different layers will slide and animate over one another. Images add emotion and personality to a design, and they are also a great way to grab viewer’s attention. This website takes advantage of vibrant imagery to demonstrate the power of their product in enhancing and modifying photos.


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