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Some people are just born to sell. They’re good-looking, the breaks always go their way and they are always in the right place at the right time.

At least it seems that way. Chances are, that co-worker or competitor has put in a lot of effort to be good at what he or she does. You can do the same. Even people who weren’t “born to sell” can become good at it. Here are a few tips.

Work on your confidence

We’ve already established that your self-image could use a little help. Well, get on it. Join an organization to network with your peers, especially if it takes you outside your comfort zone. You also should know all the ins and outs of your products. Customers will have questions and you’ll need to provide answers. Don’t give them a reason to turn to someone else.

Know your audience

This sounds easy but it really isn’t. Knowing your audience is a lot more about anticipating needs than just knowing what a customer wants. Get to know your clients well enough that you can make knowledgeable suggestions that can help them improve their bottom lines. Make yourself and your company an indispensable part of their business plan.

Be available

Sounds obvious, right? Easier said than done. We all get busy and things escape our attention. That doesn’t work when a customer is frantically trying to reach you. Be organized. Make it a point to check back near the end of each day to ensure that you have answered all your inquiries, even if it’s just to let a customer know you’re working on his or her issue. If you’re bad at reading your e-mails, have customers text or call you. Simple steps can make work life easier.

Practice active listening

Conversations must be two-way streets. Becoming an active listener by paying attention to what your customers say will help you build stronger relationships and lay the groundwork to know what he or she needs from this business arrangement. Being engaged shows sincerity, which leads us to our next point.

Value honesty and sincerity

Your customers often can tell when you’re just trying to make a sale or, worse yet, upsell them. Be upfront and genuine. Admit when you make a mistake or when you can’t meet the price that a competitor is offering. Don’t blame a nameless, faceless person back at the office or run down your company. Your customers will appreciate the honesty and likely will give you another chance down the road.

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