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blend customer service and marketing

It’s time to stop thinking of marketing and customer service as separate departments that have no reason to overlap. The two should have a harmonious relationship. No matter what your business is, remember you’re not just selling the product or service you provide; you’re selling customer service.

Marketing’s sole purpose isn’t to develop brand awareness and bring new customers in the door just as customer service shouldn’t exist only to provide a reactionary response when a customer has an issue. It’s time to start incorporating customer service as part of your marketing strategy. This encourages better internal communications and creates united messaging throughout your company.

Your marketing team wants to make your campaigns more effective by targeting the right people with the right message. A great resource for locating your target audience are your customer service team members who see and speak to your customers on a daily basis. They can provide input on what customers love, what they dislike, trends in problems, frequently asked questions and issues, customer interests, and more.

Next to the customer, your customer service team has the best insight into the how and why customers use your products or service. Correlating customer service and marketing gives you a clearer knowledge of your buyer personas. You have a deeper understanding of what your customers’ needs, interests and pain points are, as well as where your customers spend their time online. When you know those things, it helps you craft the right content types that answer your customers’ questions and solves their problems, and you know which online platforms to share your content on.

When the two teams work together, your customer service department is aware of any special promotions the marketing department is advertising or content that’s being put out that they can refer customers to. Your overall marketing strategy should encourage cross-departmental cooperation, and that’s exactly what you get when you integrate customer service as a marketing strategy.

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