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Tips to boost social media engagement for your business

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Social media platforms are a great tool to help customers find your business and learn about your products. However, an engaging and interesting presence still takes a strategy. If you’re just throwing out random content without a plan or posting sparsely and inconsistently, you’ll see little return on your investment.

The open-ended question

Strike up a conversation with your page by asking questions followers feel compelled to answer. Avoid questions that will evoke only a yes/no response; ask open-ended questions.

  • Ask about a specific topic
  • Ask them how they do something
  • Ask about their experiences
  • Ask them why they do a particular thing
  • Ask who is going to a certain event

Use images with your posts

Let’s face it, we’re a visually driven society. To catch the eye of your audience, add relevant images to your posts and you’ll see your engagement more than double. Take things one step further by personalizing the images you use by adding a bit of text and a watermark of your logo.

Add value

Your audience needs to feel they get something out of the material you post to keep them coming back. Your posts need to inspire, teach, provide laughter and entertainment or give the viewer something. You’re asking them to take action, such as respond, comment, like, share or retweet.

When planning your social media content strategy, there’s an 80/20 rule that’s good to follow: Provide 80% of value-driven content with 20% promotional content. So don’t always focus on your brand and the products you are trying to sell. Share posts from others in the industry on trending topics and feature news about your customers and area you do business.

Video is golden

Engaging posts are a great start but video is where it’s at. Studies show that consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it. Videos don’t have to be long, but remember these are a reflection of your brand. So while using the video feature on your phone is acceptable, keep things professional and polished.

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