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As a small business, marketing often sinks on the priority list when it comes to budget and finding the time to dedicate to its cultivation. Luckily, there are simple and effective ways you can use to expand your marketing strategy without breaking the bank.

Bring value to your local community

Host workshops, training and classes in your store. Promote the events to increase attention and get more foot traffic to your location. You can keep the cost low by just sharing personal knowledge instead of hiring a speaker. Plus, you’re seen as local authority and it reinforces credibility in your small business.

Create a social presence

You don’t need to be active on every social media channel, but you should have a presence where it’s relevant to your customers. However, having a profile isn’t enough. You need to load your feeds with content and post consistently to keep eyes on your page. Be sure to respond to comments and engage your audience whenever possible. Let your business’ personality shine. Find ways to use content to forge an emotional connection with your audience. Post often and be consistent.

Build a referral program

Reward your customers for their loyalty and positive word of mouth. The cost to implement this type of program is manageable even for a micro business (those with fewer than 10 employees), and the cost of rewards are offset by increased revenue generated.

Build local and industry partnerships

For those businesses that aren’t direct competitors, there’s a huge opportunity to cross-promote and get your brand in front of more customers. You can do that by co-sponsoring a local cause or event or recommending products and services that complement each other.

Apply for business awards

Gain credibility with your audience by showcasing what you do well and the kudos you receive for your work. Most industries have business awards you can either apply for or nominate yourself for consideration. You can also ask your customers to nominate you or request that they vote for you if the award is decided by a poll. When you’re recognized with an award, make sure to showcase it in your store, through social media and in your marketing materials.

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