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A few thoughts to ponder when considering color in your print materials

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One of the biggest trends revealed in Shopify’s recently released Future of Ecommerce Report was the fact that digital advertising is becoming more costly and less lucrative.

With laws that limit marketers’ ability to target ads and consumers who are better at blocking ad interruptions, it’s becoming tougher to get a good return on advertising spend. The cost per click for paid search ads increased by 15% between the second and third quarters of 2021.

All of this points to companies pivoting toward print products for advertising. One thing remains consistent: Using color is a great way to catch customers’ attention and get your point across. Here are a few things to consider before you start determining how to use color in your materials.

Identify with your audience

Who are the people you are appealing to and what is it that they care about? How do you encourage your audience to engage with your brand? Choosing colors that specifically anchor the meaning of your core values to your audience enables your brand to be distinguishable in your market.

Bold or muted? Or both?

Today, as design trends reflect a highly competitive arena, marketers are using brighter colors or subtle shades to leave a lasting impression. While bright colors are all over packaging, magazines and catalogs, some understated hues are trending. Designers are turning to earthy tones, pastels, and slightly faded colors to give images a retro appeal. Delicate gradients also are making a comeback.

Proof positive

Ever consider providing a color proof to the commercial printer when submitting your files? A good office printer can be the key to avoiding back and forth when trying to match specific colors. No one wants to put together a design with red that comes back orange. That’s not out of the question when you consider how many shades exist in the red spectrum.

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