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If you’re reading this, you probably know a bit about the commercial printing industry. But how much? Take our short quiz to get a good idea and maybe learn something in the process.

  1. True or false: Silver and black are the most commonly used colors in metallic inks.
  1. A caliper is the measurement of the thickness of paper. What unit is used in the measurement?
  • A. Tenths of an inch
  • B. Hundredths of an inch
  • C. Thousandths of an inch
  • D. Millionths of an inch
  1. True or false: Debossing involves stamping a design onto the surface of an object or paper so that there’s an indent.
  1. Using ______ color enables the same hue to be achieved repeatedly.
  1. Which of these isn’t considered to be a process color?
  • A. Black
  • B. Cyan
  • C. Magenta
  • D. Orange
  1. A ream is made up of ____ sheets of paper.
  1. True or false: Digital printing is best for large jobs.
  1. Images for print should be at least ___ dots per inch.
  • A. 160
  • B. 300
  • C. 360
  • D. 400
  1. An ______ coating provides a protective surface that deters dirt and fingerprints.
  1. A print job with four color printing on both sides of the paper is called _____.
  • A. Four Over Four
  • B. Four Under Four
  • C. Four With Four
  • D. Four And Four
  1. False; they are silver and gold
  2. C
  3. True
  4. Pantone
  5. D
  6. 500
  7. False
  8. B
  9. Aqueous
  10. A

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