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Customer reviews ratings and brand ambassadors

For any business, positive customer feedback is worth its weight in gold. According to a consumer survey from BrightLocal, 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So how do you get your best customers talking about your business, sharing their experiences and becoming your brand ambassadors?

Just ask

Chances are good you know your best customers because of their loyalty and enthusiasm for your products or services. Ask your best customers, “What do you find most valuable about doing business with us?” Use their responses to inspire even more positive feedback. Share success stories and spotlight customers on your website, blog and newsletter. Repost, retweet or share customer posts in social media. These are just a few ways to showcase good word of mouth.

Reach for the stars

According to the BrightLocal survey, 54 percent of consumers consider the average star rating to be the most important factor when looking at reviews. ‘Quantity of reviews’ is the second biggest factor at 46 percent. From posting reviews with a star rating on Facebook and Yelp to sharing their experiences in local discussion groups, nudge customers right after the sale, via your monthly newsletter, in a follow up call or email, or through social media as a general call to action.

Spread the word

Positive word of mouth shouldn’t be limited to five-star reviews. If the content you create through social media, on your website and in direct mails echoes your customers’ beliefs, they will share it with others. From employee and customer spotlights to behind-the-scene clips to photos and videos of community involvement, entertaining, educational, high-value content is far more likely to trigger a share and get customers talking. One thing to remember: People are visual so include images or videos whenever you can.

Part of the team

We like to feel as if we’re part of a team and your customers are no exception. Look beyond the sale and notice what your customers are doing with their own businesses. Have they just launched a new product or opened a second location? Promote them on your social media accounts or through a customer spotlight in your newsletter. Highlighting your loyal customer base will make them feel like a part of your team and let them know how much you value that support.

Create a community

Hosting a webinar or a local event is a great way for your customers to feel like they are part of an exclusive community and learn more about your business at the same time. Tours are one of the best ways for your customers to learn everything there is about your business or a new product or service. Not only is this an effective way to reach out to your best customers, tours are also a great way to engage them to share their experiences, welcome new customers and make one another feel welcome.

Make it easy

Unless they have a negative experience to share, the average customer is not going to look for ways to leave your business a review. That’s why you need to ask your customers to post reviews and make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Add a direct link with a review request to your newsletter or on your website, for example. Also, if possible on the review site or by reaching out via a phone call or email, say thank you. This simple act will turn a satisfied customer into a loyal one.

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