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Last week in our two-part series (part one and part two), we covered social media tips to grow your business. We talked about the fact that once you’ve narrowed your audience and the best social media platforms to reach them, you’re ready to begin developing content to share and promote. We discussed a few major forms of content such as blogs, videos, imagery and live streaming.

Today, we’re going to discuss the “secret sauce” that motivates sharing behavior that will help you create content that your audience wants to circulate. When you tap into the psychology of social sharing, you can cultivate posts that boost brand exposure, customer loyalty and even sales. It all boils down to three primary factors that influence the decision to share:


Studies have shown that what motivates people are heartwarming posts that present viewers with a moral imperative that they’re inspired to act on, thus evoking a positive reaction. Some argue that all you need is a strong reaction, not necessarily a positive one.


Check out 14 Secrets to Going Viral on Instagram for in-depth analysis of what works and why with photos. You’ll find that simplicity, the rule of thirds and weather top the list. Again, it’s all about capturing attention and linking that directly to emotions. Your photos and videos should be relevant to your audience’s interests and serve its immediate needs.


Not only do you have to get the tone and photo right in your posts, you have to put it in the correct place, too. We’ve said this several times in many of our blogs but it’s worth repeating: Be sure to pick a network or platform that’s popular with your target audience.

For example, Baby Boomers and Generation X consumers favor Facebook and Pinterest, but consumers of all age groups who live in urban (rather than suburban or rural) areas favor Facebook and Instagram. College grads are more likely to be on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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