Diversity is more than a buzzword, a concept that will surely burn out over time. Instead, it’s an approach the best employers are taking to make certain they answer challenges and thrive in the long run.

When thinking about diversity, keep in mind that, while important, it doesn’t just apply to race and gender. It’s also vital to have employees who, for example, cover a wide age spectrum and those with disabilities.

Wonder what’s in it for your business to embrace diversity? Here are a few thoughts to get you inspired.

Improve your connection with customers

People enjoy doing business with folks who look like them and hold their values. Make sure your workforce is filled with qualified people who reflect your customers and community. Doing so proves you care about your customers and the things they hold dear.

Gain a wider variety of perspectives

Don’t let your business fall victim to groupthink. Make sure you have a workforce filled with employees who bring different backgrounds to the table. There are many options to solving most problems or anticipating the next challenge before it shows up. Having diverse men and women on the job will help provide innovative solutions.

Attract and retain young employees

A Deloitte University study reports that 83% of millennials are actively engaged when their organization fosters an inclusive culture, compared to only 60% when their organization does not. At the moment, potential employees are finding more options when looking for jobs. Your organization needs to talk the talk and walk the walk on diversity to recruit and keep young people on your payroll.

Bonus tip: Don’t just stop at hiring a diverse workforce. Promote the people who deserve it. Your management team also must look and think like your workforce and customers if you are to achieve long-term success.

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