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Double up your print job to pull down serious savings

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There are two sides to every story. As a commercial printing customer, you can do the same with your next job.

Printing on both sides of a sheet of paper does a lot of good for you and the environment. Check out these reasons why you should adopt double-sided printing with your marketing materials.

You save money

Pretty obvious, right? Using half as much paper results in immediate upfront costs. Paper is a commodity and costs can fluctuate. This is one way to keep those in check.

You help the environment

Using both sides cuts down on waste. Print jobs often must be cut down to fit; doing so to one page instead of two keeps Mother Nature’s needs in mind.

You better control your schedule

As we’ve already said, paper is a commodity and some types can run in short supply thanks to global demand. Using half the paper puts you, the customer, in a better position.

You get less bulk

Sending a report to your audience? Make it more manageable by using half the paper. Your audience will appreciate it. If the piece is being mailed, you’ll save on postage.

You have more room for your story

Use the second side as an extra opportunity. Business cards are a great example. You don’t have to clutter one side with your entire message. The second side is a good way to expand your story.

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