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Email Subject Lines Matter: How to increase open rates

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You have carefully assembled your next email newsletter with loads of great content — promoted your new service, driven traffic to your landing page and even included a promotional offer. Your work is done and all you have to hit is the send button, right? Not so fast. Your subject line can make or break the success of your marketing campaigns. Here are some ways to increase open rates with subject lines that encourages your subscribers to open your email:

  1. Personalized subject lines
    The reason why this strategy works is because it helps you establish a more intimate connection with your subscribers. They’ll see that the content was created specifically for them as opposed to a mass audience.
  1. Subjects that create a sense of urgency
    The idea is to get people to act fast. If they don’t open the message now, they’ll fear they will be missing out on a great deal—FOMO (fear of missing out). Another way to generate urgency is by alluding to a limited quantity of something remaining.
  1. Subject lines that tell a story
    Everyone loves to hear a good story. But the key here is to use the subject line as a teaser for the story, write a headline that grabs a reader’s attention and encourages them to open your email.
  1. Stimulate curiosity with a subject line
    Along the same vein of loving a good story, people are curious by nature. The reason why someone would want to click on that message is because they are curious. Your subject line should try to pique the curiosity of your subscribers. Don’t give it all away in the subject line. Instead, hint at something that they’ll find out if they open your message.
  1. Breaking news subject lines
    Tie in breaking news with your business for an increase in open rates. For example, promote your swimsuit sale when the news is all about the heatwave your area is experiencing. Talk about things like your new product release, an approaching event or a new member of your staff and make them sound like news headlines in your subject lines.

In summary

The walkaway is that you need to put just as much effort into your subject lines as you spend writing your emails. If you can’t get people to open the messages, they are pointless. No matter which tactic you use, try to keep your subject lines short. Make sure they can be read on mobile devices.

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