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Good onboarding can help produce great employees

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So, you’re hiring a new employee at your business. That’s great. Hopefully, this person will one day become a significant contributor to your success.

But have you thought about how much your onboarding process can help inspire this new employee? According to a survey conducted by Careerbuilder and Silkroad Technology, 37 percent of employees said their manager didn’t play a role in their onboarding experience and one in 10 said they left a job because of a bad initial experience.

Don’t let this happen to you. Have a good program in place. Here are a few important elements to have in that plan.

Pre-boarding is a thing

Keep your new person involved by staying in touch. Share copies of your employee handbook, give new hires access to your intranet, share HR contact info and make the most of his or her time by sending important paperwork (physical or online) to fill out before the first day.

Show them around

This might sound elementary, but you might be surprised by how often new hires remain a mystery to their co-workers. His or her supervisor should make introductions and show the new person where the important places and people are located (bathrooms, break room, the veteran employee who knows everything about the place, etc.). Nothing is sadder than watching a new employee aimlessly wander the building looking for the copier.

Have a plan that goes beyond Day 1

Professional development starts before the first day the employee checks in. You already know his or her qualifications; it’s why you hired the person in the first place. Have the new hire’s supervisor start drawing up a roadmap for success. Set up reasonable goals. If you have a large enough workforce, give the newbie a mentor. Establish a three-month or six-month plan that takes the new employee’s goals into account.

Ask their opinion

This isn’t a one-way street. New employees can be a wealth of information about things you’re doing right and wrong in your onboarding program. Many will be coming to you from another workplace, spots where they had both good and bad experiences. Give them a chance to help you improve through a new employee survey.

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