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Tips for creating a newsletter employees want to read

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Think an engaging, value-packed employee newsletter that actually gets opened and read is unrealistic? Don’t miss this golden opportunity to get everyone in your organization on the same page. Here are a few tips for creating internal communications your team will actually look forward to reading.

Engagement is the name of the game

Focus on creating valuable content just like you do for your customers. Never assume that your employees will engage with your newsletter out of obligation. As with any content, your newsletter has to get their attention and earn their time.

Communicate company culture

Everyone likes to see their name in print (or posted online) and by giving credit to the people behind important projects, you increase their sense of ownership of their contribution, which motivates them to contribute more. A few ideas to consider around culture:

  • Educate new hires and make them feel welcome by introducing them to the team
  • Profile existing team members to make them feel appreciated and to celebrate recent achievements
  • Talk about your role in the community, the country and the world (then follow up with reports on the impact your strategy is making)

Don’t forget to have fun

The content doesn’t have to be limited to official business. Consider adding elements of fun to your internal newsletter, such as:

  • Visuals such as vacation photos
  • Personal news and exciting events in your team members’ lives
  • Social media links for shareable articles
  • Crossword puzzles or interactive games

It’s vital to remember that your internal newsletter is the easiest way to turn the people in your organization into informed and enthusiastic brand ambassadors. With a bit of effort, your communications can keep everyone in the loop when it comes to important notices as well as be fun, helpful and engaging.

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