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Engaging Visuals: Choosing the right image

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engaging visuals choosing the right image

From your website to your social media to your print collateral, engaging visuals are essential. The images you pick convey your marketing message or mood for your brand. Remember: You’re creating a visual narrative with the images you select so what story are your photos telling?

Pick with purpose

Don’t just use an image for the sake of using one. Your photography must tell your target audience why you are different. Pick images that persuade your customers to take action.

Evoke emotion

Choosing a memorable image that will evoke an emotional response is the best way to make a connection with your audience. According to Xerox, bright, colorful images increase readership and sales by 80 percent.

People pleaser

We’re visual and emotional, so it’s only natural that we connect with photos of people. Use pictures that showcase the age group you want your marketing to reach. If you’re targeting a senior population, images of millennials aren’t going to be relatable.

Quality matters

Pixelated and blurry photos are unprofessional. Never compromise the quality of your images. Photos should always be crisp and the right resolution. Here’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to resolution: No less than 72 dots per inch (DPI) for website images, and at least 200 DPI at 100% size for digital and 300 DPI at 100% size for for offset printing.

Finding images

When adding images to your content, you have two choices: original or stock photography. Most companies rely on a mix. While original images can be time-consuming and expensive, they will help your business build a stronger brand. Original photos are essential when showcasing products where consumers want to see images of the products they’re buying. Avoid cliche and generic images when using stock photography. Personalize stock photos with interesting image cropping, manipulation of the colors, and adding text and filters. Make sure to review stock photography usage rights and include attributes whenever they’re required.

Image Optimization

Optimizing the images you use can create more traffic to your website through search engines. From adding alt attributes to choosing the right file type, check out this helpful article: 10 Must Know Image Optimization Tips.

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