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Create messages that engage with these three key principles

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good communication

Good communication isn’t random. It’s a deliberate interaction that helps your customers see the value of your business. If you put time and effort into understanding who you’re talking to, stay consistent and don’t communicate too often then you’ll really stand out from the crowd with messages — through your website, email, direct mail and social media — that engage.

Be consistent

This is your brand so having a consistent image, tone and design is essential. Creating great user experiences requires everyone across your company to know what your company stands for and to have access to the resources to make it happen.

In order to keep the design and tone consistent in your communication, have a company brand style guide and a single place to store your collateral templates, ensuring that every communication sent is consistent.

Know your audience

If you don’t know anything about who you’re communicating with, how do you expect potential customers to connect with your business and the products you’re trying to sell? It’s important to remember that communication is a two-way street so it’s vital to listen to your audience. If a customer has a question about an item, they may not be the only one. Use that interaction as a teaching moment to provide information about that product to your broader base.

Make your customers the heroes of your collateral and social media feed (and show you’re listening) by highlighting what they’re sharing featuring your products or business. If the content you create through social media, on your website and in direct mails echoes your customers’ beliefs, they will share it with others.

Don’t bombard

Sending out multiple messages in the same day, or sending too many messages with different information simply irritates most people. There are exceptions to the rule but, most of the time, it makes your business and brand look disorganized or confused.

The best way to combat sending too much is to have a strategy. This means you won’t rush and you’re more likely to send out communications in a logical rhythm, rather than randomly.

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