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Heidelberg Speedmaster SX 74 Assembly Timelapse Video

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From the end of October to the beginning of November West Press had a brand new Heidelberg Speedmaster SX 74 assembled over the course of 2 weeks. We decided to set up a GoPro in the press room to capture a frame every 30 seconds so we could compile a timelapse video showing the assembly process. Look for the gorilla holding a “Happy Holloween” towards the end of the assembly when the lights dim. (We can’t expect the gorilla to know how to spell Halloween 😉 ).

In late September and early October we had to disassemble our previous Heidelberg 4-color press which was getting old and had been having some troubles. This was a long process, a lot of hard work and also quite a chunk of change. We are so grateful to our dedicated staff, loyal customers and incredible vendors. We certainly could not have accomplished this without you! We appreciate you all very much and wish you a safe and happy holiday season!