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Businesses should up their games for high performers

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Businesses of all sizes have high performers. It’s up to management to identify and retain them to ensure their organization’s success.

Here are a few ideas to consider when your business wants to reward high achievers. (Because they’re the most obvious, we’re leaving out raises and bonuses.)

Gift cards

Companies like Kazoo offer programs that give bosses and co-workers the opportunity to use a points pool to recognize outstanding work. The great thing about these programs is that they allow employees to praise one another and there’s nothing better than being recognized by a peer. In this and similar platforms, employees build points that can be turned into gift cards at restaurants, clothing stores, movie theaters and other retailers.

Travel incentives

If your business has the budget, an all-expenses paid trip or even a couple of nights at a nice local hotel is a great way to motivate staff. As with all these incentives, please remember that you need to make investments to get good returns, so put some money in the budget for this.

Time off

Who doesn’t want more time away from work? (It’s a valuable resource – check out our recent blog about the value of off days.) Have an employee who developed a way to save the company time and money? Give that person a couple of days off. Word will get around and people will be clamoring to be more innovative.

Concert or sports tickets

Most of us have a concert venue or local sports team (pro or college) in our communities. You also have music afficionados or superfans in your ranks. Put the two together and set up a high-achiever with hot tickets to a concert or play. Or make that sports fan happy with seats to a local college football or basketball game. Let them take off from work early if the show or game occurs during the week.

Free lunch

If you have a department that’s doing great things, reward the members with a nice lunch. Don’t cheap out and order pizza. Instead, let the team pick the place (within reason, of course) and have the food delivered to the office. Seeing their teammates getting rewarded should inspire other departments to step up their games.

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