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Five reasons why hiring a veteran will improve your business

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Hiring veterans is one of the smartest things any business could do. Regardless of your company’s size, there should be a place for men and women who have selflessly served our country.

They bring innumerable great qualities to the workplace. Here are five of them:

They are dedicated

The only way to be successful in the military is by remaining faithful to the mission. A veteran will bring the same dedication to the job every day regardless of the tasks they face. Big or small, they will do it all.

They are prompt

No worries if your business opens at 8 a.m. These former servicemembers are accustomed to getting up before the sun, so arriving at work early is part of their lifestyle. (In fact, they might need a key because they probably will be the first ones in the door each day.)

They are trained to lead

If you want to encourage in-house talent and hire future leaders, veterans are a natural fit. The average Marine is recruited at age 19 and by age 20, is often promoted and placed in high-stress roles.

They work well independently

Entrepreneur magazine reports that veterans are 45 percent more likely to start their own businesses than those who haven’t served. They reach that stage by taking initiative and earning their supervisors’ trust.

They are eligible for education assistance

Government-funded programs help veterans step into new jobs with education that other potential employees won’t have. Some veterans even worked in high-tech fields while in the military and your business will benefit from that experience.

Are you ready to look into hiring a veteran? Check out the Department of Labor’s website for information.

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