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How to handle rejection in business

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Each of us has a natural fear of not being accepted. In the business world, the sting of rejection can stab like a dagger to the heart. It can be extremely hard not to take rejection personally. It’s our idea, our blood and our sweat and tears that are being turned down. Hard as it may be, rejection is inevitable and normal. However, there are things you can do to brush yourself off and move on.

1) Acknowledge

It is OK to feel angry and frustrated. The emotional and mental weight you feel is just as valid as any physical pain. In the long run, it’s more appropriate and healthy — emotionally, mentally and physically — that you allow yourself to feel that. Debrief with people (in both your personal and professional circles) who can empathize without passing judgment or criticizing.

2) Look for the silver lining

There will always be customers that do not like us, our service or our product. We often can’t see it at the time, but in many cases, rejections are often blessings in disguise. Although rejection may cause a temporary setback, remember that all these challenges will come to pass and your business still has so much future ahead of it.

3) Ask questions

If you analyze your mistakes, you’ll be able to have a deeper understanding of how things work. Ask yourself: What can I do differently? What have I discovered about myself? What changes can I make in my business? Could I have handled the closing conversation better? What will I do differently next time? What else is possible? Learn where you went wrong and what you can do when you’re faced with a similar situation in the future.

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