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How to Keep Your Staff Motivated During the Summer

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As the temperatures climb, the more of a challenge it becomes to keep your employees inspired and energetic. Implementing new practices over the summer can actually increase productivity throughout the year and keep your staff from mentally checking out to a tropical location during work hours. Here are few ways to keep your employees motivated during the summer months:

  • Encourage vacations. A burnt-out employee is more apt to make mistakes. If summer is your company’s slower season, encourage staff to take some time off, disconnect and get some well-deserved rest.
  • Bring on the food. Organize a company potluck, fire up a grill for some BBQ or bring in a food truck as a treat for the whole office. An afternoon ice cream social is also a way to celebrate success, stay cool and have a little fun.
  • Consider alternatives. Parents often find the summer months a logistical nightmare with little ones out of school. If possible, offer employee flexible work hours or the opportunity to work from home. Flexible working doesn’t mean allowing your employees to work from a place and time that is easiest for them. It means working together as a team to find a balance that benefits the company and doesn’t sacrifice the mental health or happiness of the people that hold the company together.
  • Chill out. If the office is stuffy, employees are bound to have trouble staying focused, especially after lunch time. Keep the temperature as comfortable as possible to keep eyelid drooping at bay.
  • Spruce up. When things are a bit slow it is the ideal time to tackle that file-organizing project you’ve been procrastinating about. Have the office carpets cleaned, touch up the walls with some fresh paint or simply clean up work spaces (or the dreaded office refrigerator). Employees perform better when their environment is nice.
  • Learn a new skill. Summer is a perfect time to challenge the mind with an online refresher course or learn something completely new. As many staff members may be taking vacations, encourage employees to cross-train so they can back up other positions or departments.
  • Give employees time to give back. Volunteering through local organizations is a way for your business to give back to the community. Pick a cause that your entire company supports or encourage staff to find a cause they are passionate about. Make sure employees are decked out in company logo wear when they volunteer, too.
  • Break (or at least bend) the rules. We all need to let our hair down every now and then. Schedule a “mandatory” happy hour at your favorite gathering place on a Friday after work. No talking about the office either, just enjoy a drink with your co-workers.

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