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How To Make a Sizable Impact Using Large Format

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Large format is a powerful marketing tool when executed properly. Whether it’s a banner, poster or a-frame, the basic premise to remember when designing for large format is “less is better.”

Here are some other areas to consider when putting together your project:


Be thoughtful when it comes to incorporating color. Just because you have access to all the colors in the crayon box doesn’t mean you need to use them! Focus on your brand color palette and complimentary colors. Give your design some air to breathe – often times a pared-down approach is best. A white background is sometimes all you need to make an image pop.


Make sure to use a high-resolution image so that it is as crisp and clear as possible. Large format is a great medium to showcase your brand or a new product – don’t diminish that with a pixelated picture. A good way to help you with scale is to view your design from across the room.


Say it simply. Since your audience is often a moving target (viewing your piece while driving by in a car, for example), you have to make sure you’ve been thoughtful – and frugal – with your text. Also make sure to use a font that’s readable at a considerable distance. Likewise, contrast is critical when it comes to large format. You want to make sure your text is easily distinguishable from the background. Use colored text and drop shadows sparingly.


Perhaps you want your audience to visit your website, like you on Facebook or attend an event. Make sure what you are asking is uncomplicated. Pick one call to action and give clear instructions.

West Press offers a large variety of indoor and outdoor products to meet your specific large format needs. By answering just a few questions, our signage experts can direct you to the most economical and durable solution for your project.

  • What is the purpose of the sign?
  • Does the sign need to be weather resistant?
  • Will it be indoors or outdoors?
  • Is the sign temporary or permanent?
  • Does the sign require mounting?

For a comprehensive list of large format options available, check out West Press Large Format.

Contact your West Press Account Executive at 520-624-4939 to talk about how large format can create the next big impression for your business.