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Ingredients for creative thinking

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Ingredients for creative thinking

How does one get more out of — or tap into — his or her creative side? Each person is different but we’ve found these elements are crucial to getting those creative juices flowing:

Knowledge: The first ingredient for creativity is knowledge. The more you know, the more ideas you can generate. No matter where you are in your career or what your area of work, keep vigilant about a thirst for knowledge. Expand your mind by finding new external stimuli — from picking up a hobby to reading a different genre of book to attending an interesting lecture. It’s important to give ourselves a small jolt from time to time.

Imagination: The world’s best innovations start as an idea. Dreaming up ideas is a fundamental part of the creative process. Unfortunately, as we grow older, we tend to shut down our imagination. Try to open yours by capturing all of your ideas — good and bad. Dream big.

Inspiration: Seeing what other creative solutions are out there can only add to your internal database of knowledge and spark your next big idea. Magazines, books and the internet are treasure troves of ideas. Brainstorm with your team and see what concepts percolate.

Passion: Creativity is fueled by passion — that enthusiasm you feel when you love your idea and believe in your vision. We are our most creative when we’re doing something we love, so identify what you’re passionate about and let the ideas start flying.

Comfort: Nothing can kill the creative process quicker than stress and pressure. When our minds are riddled with worry, we find ourselves incapable of putting our attention elsewhere. For inspiration to happen, your mind and body need to be as clear and relaxed as possible. To be at your creative best, make sure to get enough sleep so you can tackle each project with a fresh, clean mental slate.

Stretch: A few minutes of intense physical activity will cause tingling endorphins and a feeling of wellbeing, which in turn sparks fresh ideas. If you can’t fit in a workout, even sitting straight (standing preferably) acts as a stimulant to a brain’s electric circuitry.

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