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This social site might be your business’ missing link

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LinkedIn is all business and that’s why yours has to be represented there.

While other social media outlets get more attention – many of us enjoy the personal nature of Instagram or varied conversations on Twitter – LinkedIn has attributes that make it the social site to showcase your goods and services.

Here are a few tips and thoughts to ponder as you start your business’ LinkedIn page.

It’s a serious site

Politics aren’t welcome and no one is posting wedding photos here. There are other outlets for that content. LinkedIn is a place to connect with people and build relationships that could ultimately help your business succeed.

You can become a thought leader

Don’t allow your business LinkedIn page to become too passive. Yes, you can set it up to allow anyone to connect with you and that’s a good way to grow your network. Give them a reason to keep coming back by posting original content (the preferred method) or reposting something that relates to what you do. Become a thought leader in your field and people will seek you out.

Employees will like it

Your employees can easily create profiles. These should include appropriate photos, a relevant job history that includes a description of how they help your business and their professional connections. Remember that your workforce is a vital component of your brand.

Groups help you grow and learn

Joining groups that are relevant to your target demographic is a great way to listen in on what your audience is discussing. It could also offer chances to interact or offer advice. You also can message members of the groups even if you aren’t connected. Next-level advice is to create your own group and have people come to your turf.

Nothing beats ownership

Start by claiming a custom URL that includes your business’ name.  Continue by ensuring that your page has the elements you include in your marketing efforts: your logo, your colors, your imagery. Make your page as important as your website by continually updating it with fresh content.

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