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Maintaining a marketing budget is money well-spent

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When the economy gets tough and budgets become tight, marketing is often among the first functions to face the axe. That action, of course, goes against the time-honored phrase “you have to spend money to make money.”

Investments in marketing efforts are just that. Don’t think of the money spent as simply an expense. If done correctly, the dollars you put down come back in the form of better sales and happy customers.

So keep these five thoughts in mind when putting together your 2021 budget.

Remain relevant

When you stop advertising, participating in social media or reaching out to your customers, you open the door for your competitors to step in. Someone in your business or industry is going to be smart enough to stay the course. It might as well be you.

Put yourself in their shoes

We’ve been through some crazy times in 2020 and next year could bring more of the same. This is a good opportunity to show your customers that you care. Personal emails or phone calls are good, especially when they aren’t aimed at making a sale. You can also use social media for recorded messages that show you understand your customers’ plight.

Don’t throw money away

This is our caveat. Even if you keep a fully formed marketing budget in 2021, the capital you spend needs to work for you. Use analytics to show what customers are viewing on your website. Same goes for your social media posts. Ditto for digital advertising campaigns.

Embrace the new

Been thinking about a unique creative strategy or vehicle for a while? Well, there no time like the present. Experimentation is going to be huge in the coming year and you don’t want to be left out. Make sure your ideas and actions fit your brand. Feel free to drop a few of the guardrails, maybe with a logo refresh or LinkedIn business page.

Build and maintain relationships

Yes, you can be forgotten if you let your customers drift. Now is the time to share your and their stories. Your website and social media feeds are the best places to share testimonials. Third-party endorsements are great complements to what you say about yourself.

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