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Be smart about marketing during COVID-19 pandemic

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One of the first things companies large and small do when a financial crisis hits is start slashing marketing budgets. Decreased revenue means decreased expenses, right? And marketing is often seen as at least a temporarily expendable “luxury.”

While your customers may not be spending as much with your business during the coronavirus pandemic, that’s no reason to stop communicating with them. When everything clears up – as states slowly begin relaxing some COVID-19 restrictions – consumers’ pent-up demands will need to be met.

With all this in mind, here are a few free or inexpensive approaches to keep in mind while we await better days ahead.

Social media can create goodwill

Now isn’t the time for the hard sell. Messages that resonate with your customers will be ones of hope. People are hurting as unemployment levels skyrocket. Disposable income and consumer confidence are both low, even with federal stimulus dollars coming in. Give your customers a little inspiration by posting positive messages with hashtags like #inthistogether #togetherapart or #quarantineandchill. They will remember how much you cared when things get better.

Talk with your media partners

Many businesses are either bailing on or delaying their media buys. That opens the door for good value. TV, radio, internet and newspaper outlets have tons of unsold inventory now and your business could benefit. If you work with an ad representative from a media outlet, talk to him or her about scooping up some of that unsold space at a bargain rate. More people than ever are home these days with not much to do. They should be looking at your advertising.

Watch your images

If you keep your social media and advertising efforts going, be mindful of the images you share. Now isn’t the time to feature photos of large groups or people hugging. There will be a time and place for both. Instead, feature smiling people to instill a sense of optimism. It may not seem true now, but this pandemic won’t last forever.

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