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Tips for creating a media pitch to promote your business

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If you’re looking for ways to spread the word about your business that doesn’t involve buying ad space, media coverage could be the answer. Newspapers and magazines may be struggling financially these days, but coverage can still send customers your way.

The trick is not to wait for the media to come to you. Savvy businesses send email pitches to editors for potential coverage. But there’s a catch: Editors are bombarded daily with dozens of PR emails, and many get deleted. Here are some helpful tips to pitching publications to avoid ending up in the trash.

Do your homework

Study the publication before making your pitch to learn what it writes about and in what way it covers companies. If it seems like a good fit for your business, then email your pitch. For extra brownie points, reference one of its articles.

Grab attention with your subject line

Your email’s subject line should neatly summarize your pitch. Think of this as the headline of the story you want published. Be straightforward and avoid being cute.

Keep your pitch short

Convey the core story in its most distilled form. Keep your emails to about two or three paragraphs. Remember, you’re trying to capture their interest. If they want to know more, they’ll write back and ask.

Pitch a story, don’t just send a press release

Don’t pitch what your company does and what makes it great. Pitch a story that illustrates that. If you want the chance to appear in a media publication, think like a writer, not a marketer.

Always follow up

Emails can get overlooked or forgotten, then buried deep in an editor’s inbox. A good rule of thumb is to wait a week, then politely follow up.

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