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Take these four steps to make your mission possible

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Any business’ mission statement needs to be more than words on paper. Missions and values need to be well-researched, attainable and a clear roadmap for employee behavior.

So how can businesses large and small craft mission statements, with accompanying core values, that are a vital part of everyday life? Here are a few thoughts.

Hire for fit

Hiring and retaining great employees is the key to any company’s success. That doesn’t happen to organizations that continually bring the wrong people on board. It’s vital to interview people with the intent of getting the right fit, even if the person doesn’t have as much experience as another candidate. It’s better to teach someone the way your company does things than break an employee of bad habits picked up at another job.

Fold values into employee reviews

Include your core values when determining how well an employee performed over the past year. Did they live up to them? Go above and beyond? Or fall short? Everyone on staff should know their company’s core values; this isn’t one of those situations where people ask, “Hey, will this information be on the test?” Praise and reward the ones who live up to high expectations.

Match culture and mission

Putting together a mission statement and letting it collect dust is a waste. It becomes the butt of jokes over time. Instead, find enjoyable and practical ways to reinforce your mission. The best employers reward workers who embody their mission by giving out gift cards or bonuses. They also give them opportunities to lead by helping advance their careers.

Model the mission

All this work isn’t just on the shoulders of line staff. Managers must live the mission every day and serve as models for employees. All decisions need to be made with the mission in mind. Otherwise, we’re back to that words on paper problem. Modeling the mission must be an everyday habit.

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