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There are millions of websites out there, but what makes a website really great? A bad website may be obvious, but truly remarkable websites generally share the same common elements. Here are some important guidelines to make your website stand out in the crowd.


Landing Page

A captivating and engaging landing page is a critical aspect of an impressive website. Typically the landing page is the homepage but could also be a special page that is the target of a marketing campaign promoted through email newsletters or direct mailings. Landing pages should be concise but also reflect the overarching goals of the website.


Call to Action

All great websites have a specific call to action. A call to action could be a slideshow banner of featured products or services, a “subscribe to our newsletter” button, a list of recent news/blog articles, or a “get a quote/estimate” form. It is important to have a call to action on the landing page so that new visitors are converted into prospective customers. Without a clear call to action, a website is like a store without an open sign.


Contact Page

A well designed contact page is the key to garnering new customers and keeping an open line of communication to existing customers. All contact pages should contain a telephone number(s), email address(es) and a contact form so that visitors can easily approach your business and start a conversation. Contact forms should be simple, with critical fields like name, email, phone number and an area for a question or statement. Contact forms that ask for too much information may deter future prospects. When appropriate, a company address with a map that offers directions to the business location(s) is highly valued.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a website that isn’t search engine friendly is like having a town with no major highways or traffic signs showing people how to get there. Search engine optimization is an essential aspect of marketing your website on the internet. A website that is more accessible to search engines is inherently more accessible to people. Furthermore, optimizing a website for search engines equals higher ranking on search engine results pages.


Blog or News Section

Having and maintaining a blog on your website keeps your audience coming back for the latest news updates. Fresh content from a frequently updated blog is good for search engine optimization because it keeps the search engines coming back to index the new information. This in turn results in a higher ranking website.


Dynamic Format

A dynamic website is easily updated and maintained by people not trained or skilled in web design. This is important because not every company can afford a full-time or dedicated web developer to constantly make changes and updates when and where needed. Instead, a regular staff member may be responsible for updating contact information, current services pages and adding blog or news articles.


Responsive Design

Responsive websites automatically adjust to the viewer’s screen size. This is important in an era where a lot of a site’s visitors are using a mobile device, like a cell phone or tablet. Responsive websites enable a user experience that is consistent across all platforms and takes into account those with smaller screen sizes.


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