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So you’ve been approved for your Paycheck Protection Program Loan and you’re looking good to meet payroll for the next couple of months. Congratulations. Your business deserves it.

But what happens if your store or restaurant is closed and your employees don’t have anything to do? There are many ways they can stay occupied and inspired while waiting to get back to work. Here are a few to consider:

Try continuing education

Orange Theory Fitness started paying its managers to participate in virtual fitness-related programs before it even closed locations. Continuing education applies to every industry and serves the dual purpose of keeping your workforce involved and making sure it’s ready to contribute when your doors open.

Take on a servant attitude

Get in touch with your local food bank to see if it’s accepting volunteers. Duties often include working at the warehouse or at food distribution sites. Spending time assisting the less fortunate is one of the most rewarding things anyone can do. It also makes for good social media content, proving that your business cares about the community.

Paint the place

Nothing says “new beginning” better than a fresh coat of paint. Find out which of your employees know their way around a paint brush and have them come to your business and get started. To encourage social distancing and give everyone a chance to contribute, run a couple of short shifts per day and make it a work party. Bring in pizza and soda and watch the camaraderie grow.

Encourage fitness

Even though gyms are closed, there are still many ways to stay fit. The development of fitness apps makes it impossible to find an excuse to sit on the couch. We can gain inspiration on our smartphones. One app to try is StepBet, which encourages users to walk by paying them. There is an entry fee, but dedicated walkers can offset it by reaching their goals.

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