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Why print needs to be part of your game plan

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The report of print marketing’s death was an exaggeration. It’s more than a paraphrase of Mark Twain; it’s the truth, especially in 2021.

While we live in a digital world, there are many advantages to putting your business’ messages in print. As we all get ready to start a new (and hopefully better) year, here are a few reasons why print needs to be part of your game plan.

It hits your target audience

If you can better define your consumers, you can target them more effectively. Studies show that print marketing is processed differently by our brain than other media and that it leaves a more significant imprint. Plus, printers can personalize your pieces for those who receive them.

It raises brand awareness

The more ways consumers see your brand, the more your credibility and recognizability are reinforced. Your marketing playbook no doubt already includes a website, social media, email lists, possibly salespeople, etc. Just remember that a nice catalog or brochure will catch a potential customer’s eye much quicker than a banner ad on the Web. Printed materials are a great way to be seen and remembered.

It’s flexible

You can go short or long when sending printed materials. Sometimes, a postcard gets the job done, especially an eye-catching one that includes a call to action. Other times, a brochure or catalog make more sense. Again, don’t forget to encourage your potential customer to take action. It’s why you’re advertising in the first place.

It’s cost-effective

TV advertising is costly. Online ads are easily dismissed. Print materials get noticed and fit almost any business’ budget. A two-color product can be designed to catch attention as well as a four-color piece. Quantities can be changed. Mailing costs (if necessary) can be adjusted. It’s a trustworthy, affordable and practical means to spread your message.

It feels right

We are a tactile society. We like holding things in our hands. It’s among the reasons why people still buy hardcover books. Sending printed materials to customers is a good idea because it gives them something to touch and feel. Even if the potential customer doesn’t act on your offer right away, your printed piece just might end up on the kitchen counter waiting to be noticed and acted upon.

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