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People toss around the term “brand” all the time without knowing what it means. It’s more than your logo, your packaging or even your product. Yes, those are all elements but what are the most important things to consider when sizing up your brand?

It can seem complicated but it’s really simple. Once you understand what you need to do to have a trustworthy brand, the toughest part is putting in the work to get there.

Here are keys to ensuring that your brand exceeds the expectations of your customers.

Be aware of your audience

Who are the people who purchase your product or use your services? They will ultimately decide whether your brand is something they want to support. Make sure your messages are written and delivered in a way that appeals to them.

Watch your perception

What do customers think when they hear your company name or see your product? Is it an out-of-date opinion that no longer reflects your 2020 reality? Then do something about it. Change your business strategy, reach out to your audience for feedback … do something that shows you care or that highlights the improvements you have made as a company.

Know where you stand

Your position shows where you sit with customers among your competitors. Before you know where you stand, you need to know your target audience, who’s competing against you and how you can best get your message across.

Keep your promises

This is the vow you make to your customers. And when things go wrong, ensure that you make them right. Don’t give them a reason to support your competitors.

Share your customers’ values

Just as we all hold personal values, so do our businesses. Values are what drive us to do what we do and they should impact all our decisions. Make sure your mission and values statements are more than words on paper.

Speak in a relatable voice

Your “voice” has to reflect your audience. A fun-loving product or service attracts a likewise crowd. A more serious audience expects a more resolute attitude. Are you selling toys or financial services? There’s a big difference.

One final note: Remember that your best brand representatives are your employees. Make sure they spend time to understand the importance of these brand elements, too.

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