Thanksgiving is almost here and it’s the perfect time to think about the things for which we should be grateful. That especially applies to small business owners and operators.

Before you carve the turkey, take a few moments this season to be thankful for the people who make your business successful.

Thank your customers

Their support enables you to keep the doors open and provide jobs for your employees. Keep that in mind next month when things get hectic at the store during the holidays. Even when customers become demanding, remember they are the real bosses.

Thank your employees

Almost everyone is looking for good help these days, so consider yourself fortunate if you have a solid team. Your employees likely could leave at any point and find another job without much problem but they have chosen to stay with you. Make sure you show them how much you recognize their loyalty and hard work.

Thank your family and friends

They are your support system, the people who stand by your side through the good times and bad. They also are heavily invested in your business’ success. No one wants to see a spouse or friend fail. Make sure they know how appreciated they are this season.

Thank your business partners

All of you are in this venture together, forming a bond that makes you like a family. For the rest of the year, think about the good times and the reasons why you got into this business in the first place. You’ll soon discover that the good usually outnumbers the bad.

Thank your vendors

Everyone knows about issues caused by snags in the worldwide supply chain. Of course, that trickles down to local businesses. Your vendors likely worked harder than ever to get goods into your hands this year. Give them a hand for those efforts.

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