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Nail that video interview with a little foresight

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One of the realities as we start 2022 is that many job interviews will continue to be conducted remotely. COVID fears and the rise of work-from-home positions make the technology a safer bet than traditional sit-down interviews.

Here are a few ways to ensure that you make the best possible impact and land that job while using this 21st Century technology.

Show up on time

People get a little lax when it comes to video meetings. What’s the harm in pulling up the chat a minute before it’s supposed to start? Think again. It’s good to be the first person in the room so you can get situated and mentally ready to do your best. Who wants to be the last person to walk into a meeting, especially one this important? Get in the room (or at least the waiting room) about five minutes before everyone else and you’ll have time to calm your nerves and impress your potential employer.

Check the tech beforehand

By this time, we’re all familiar with video conferencing. But knowing Teams doesn’t mean you’ve mastered Zoom. You don’t want to waste time stumbling around on a new platform. Also make sure the spot where you’ll be interviewing has a good connection. Test the Wi-Fi to be certain that, barring something unforeseen, your session won’t get interrupted by a poor signal.

Make your background boring

Unless you’re going for a position that requires wild creativity, it’s best to be bland. You can do that by blurring your background (another reason to check your tech in advance) or finding a room that doesn’t have clutter on the walls or shelves. The last thing you want is to leave a bad impression because you have a book or poster behind you that bothers one of your interviewers.

Find a quiet spot

So, you’ve done your technical check and everything is good. But have you taken your environment into account? Are you next to a child’s room or a front door where a delivery person could drop off a package, setting your dog into a barking frenzy? Both have the potential to derail an interview and destroy your concentration. Either could leave a bad impression that you didn’t properly prep for this big event. You can keep those unfortunate things from happening with a little planning.

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