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Make sure you’re ready for the show before videoconferences

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Videoconferencing is the standard for staying in touch in many industries these days. The novel coronavirus makes meeting in person largely off-limits so meetings are going virtual.

Assuming your business has invested in the technology, here are a few tips to consider before you start.

Take care of the basics

Ensure that you have a fast and stable internet connection. A slow connection will adversely affect the conference with visual disruptions and inconsistent audio.

Look like an expert

Don’t start your meeting on mute or with your camera off if you want it on. Give others space to talk, especially when you have more than two people in the meeting. There’s nothing worse than having multiple people try to talk at once. Most video platforms have chat features for people to express their opinions during bigger meetings.

Consider your background

Make sure there’s nothing in the background that you don’t want people seeing. You can adjust the camera angle but bear in mind that you don’t want your face to dominate the screen. There’s a happy medium.

Find the right angle

Before going live, make sure you’re situated properly on the screen. Don’t cut off your chin or the top of your head. You can preview how you look before joining the video chat.

Dress for the occasion

A polo shirt or pullover with your company’s logo is always a safe bet. Just make sure you get out of your pajamas for a work call.

Lose the distractions

Put the kids and pets in another room, crank down the TV volume and turn off Spotify. Remote meetings are still work meetings.

Remote work is how things will get done for the next several months. Even when we receive the all-clear sign on COVID-19 is given, many companies will continue letting employees work from home. Videoconferencing will play a large role in our success and we need to make sure we’re doing it correctly.

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