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Here’s how to keep it together while working apart

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Let’s Work Together!

Social distancing is keeping many of us from working in the same building. Fortunately, virtual tools are enabling everyone to get work done with a sense of togetherness and a purpose of keeping business going.

Consider these options if you haven’t already started.

Video meetings

Right now, it can seem as if the world doesn’t exist outside our home offices. People like seeing other people. Fortunately, services like Zoom allow us to gather virtually. The platform is easy to use for even novices. The calls can even be recorded for people who aren’t on the call or those who want to concentrate during the session and not take notes. There’s also a mobile app for employees on the run.


People and groups who host webinars know they have a captive audience at the moment. You can even score a little free content as providers look to gain followers. Consider setting aside an hour or two each week for you or your team to spend on career-enhancing or self-improvement webinars. Please remember that mental well-being also shouldn’t be ignored now.

Live streaming

This is a great way to push content to your audience, an important strategy during these trying times. StreamYard is a live streaming studio in your browser. You can interview guests, share your screen and much more. The platform allows you to connect directly to your Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn followers. Now is probably not a good time to go with the hard sell; many successful businesses are posting content heavy on hope and togetherness.

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