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Unless you work for company that specializes in web design, you likely only work on a new website design and launch every three or four years. It can be tough to familiarize yourself with steps necessary to undertake this sort of project since so much time and activity elapses in between. Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help streamline the creative and design process:

Determine objectives and goals. So ask yourself: What you want to get out of a new website and how you expect to use it? With this information, you can evaluate web design agencies on how they respond to your needs in these areas.

Write out your list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. Are there specific features and functionality you’d like to see? Is there a specific problem with the current site that you need to be addressed? Did you see something cool on another website and would love to see it on your site? Compile this list and share it with your prospective agency candidates.

Determine your content needs. Do a quick content audit of your website and assess whether the content is accurate, needs some tweaking or needs a complete overhaul. If it needs to be rewritten, do you have an in-house writer who can take on the project or will you need the agency to provide copywriting services as well? Content is often an afterthought in many website redesigns, but also can take the longest to develop. Understand your needs in the beginning so you can plan and scope accordingly.

Assemble your team. While it may be challenging for team members to add a website project on top of their other responsibilities, identifying roles and responsibilities at the outset will help save time in the long run. By getting buy-in from your team before a project and making sure they know of their involvement and expectations, you can help build in time for reasonable turnaround times.

Gather any assets or gain the proper access to assets. Any web designer you work with will need access to digital files for things like logos, company photos, brand guides, sales presentations/brochures, industry logos, white papers and case studies. Gather these assets in one spot. Doing this will save you time once you start the website project.

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