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G7 is an international standard for calibrating printing presses and proofing systems to a common visual neutral grayscale appearance. The G7 methodology uses gray balance as the main factor for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. G7 is the benchmark method to obtain the goals and specifications listed in the ‘Guide to Print Production 12th Ed’ which is a comprehensive set of established best practices and specifications for printing.

The G7 Master qualification program grants that a commercial printer has been trained to implement the new G7 Proof-to-Print process. G7 is part of IDEAlliance’s industry-leading set of specifications for achieving gray balance and is the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. This program also recognizes that the printing company uses the most modern technology, techniques, process controls and standards required to produce high-quality commercial printing. West Press has maintained its G7 Master qualification from IDEAlliance since 2009, making it the only printer in Southern Arizona to achieve this goal. West Press is also one of 1,092 out of 35,000 commercial printing companies nationwide to be G7 Master qualified.

Customers benefit from our G7 Master qualification because they’re getting the very best color management available today. The G7 process will provide you, the customer, with 100 percent verifiable accuracy of color reproduction throughout the entire workflow – from digital image to final printed press sheet. Basically, it means you get a product that has been run with tighter process and quality controls than those using a pressman’s eye for color. The G7 Master Printer qualification is valid for one calendar year and must be renewed annually. We have invested time and money to calibrate our equipment and to train our team on providing you with the highest quality printed product. Being a G7 Master Printer means that West Press can provide a top-notch product at no additional cost.

The G7 program is managed by IDEAlliance, a not-for-profit association of leading print and electronic media service providers and their technology partners. As a global association, IDEAlliance is dedicated to guiding media production best practices, specifications, and standards worldwide. A database of G7 Master Qualified companies, searchable by location as well as by print service capabilities, can be found on the IDEAlliance website at https://meetings.idealliance.org/eSeries/Directory/.

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