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history wall

The way we communicate is what’s on trend for 2018 in large format.

History Walls

History walls take many forms and focus on your brand’s story and the company’s growth:

  • Chronological order
  • Story-based approach
  • A mural instead of words to give a picturesque setting to your story and company offices

A main hallway that everyone walks through or part of your lobby or conference room would be a great place for a history wall. Everyone who enters learns a little about how you have evolved over the years. Your history wall can also include a map with all of your locations.

A company milestone or anniversary is a great time to have a history wall installed; you can reveal it during the celebration. Using varied materials makes the wall more interesting.

Window Wraps

As we covered in our recent blog Making the most of window clings and perfs, if your storefront has zero curb appeal, people will walk right by. Window clings and perfs are an excellent solution to spruce up the outside of your business without a costly renovation.

Is your company undergoing a remodel? Window clings and perfs can hide the construction and keep the new look under wraps until your grand opening. Window wraps are also the ideal way to communicate a product launch, huge sale or even incorporate a holiday theme. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Lobby Walls and Reception Signage

Your lobby is often the first impression a person has to your business and your brand. These signs often sit near your receptionist at your main entrance and can be designed to include your logo, color scheme or tagline. Is your current logo feeling a little outdated? Maybe it’s time for a redesigned or a whole rebranding of your company. A new lobby wall with a coordinating reception sign will help complete the entire project and impress every visitor to your building.

From floor graphics to banners to window clings and perfs, our experienced staff can create the next big impression with large format for your business. Contact West Press or your Account Executive at 520-624-4939 today.