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Working from home is no time to play around

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Working from home sounds like a panacea for many people. No more waking up before sunrise, hurriedly fixing breakfast, getting dressed and fighting a commute to get to a crowded office in time for a long day.

At the same time, working remotely isn’t a vacation. We all need to remain productive for our teams and employers. Strong businesses will survive, maybe even thrive, during these challenging times. Ones that don’t adjust could end up folding or not being set up for success once the coronavirus pandemic relents.

Here are a few simple ways to ensure that your business is one that keeps going strong during and after this world health crisis.

It still takes a team

Working remotely isn’t the same as working alone. It can feel that way sometimes, but don’t allow solitude to impact your teamwork. Gather your team together for virtual meetings, even if it’s just to check in. Some people are enjoying the new reality and others are having a hard time adjusting.

If you’re a supervisor, keep an eye out for signs that one of your direct reports is struggling. If a person’s productivity is lagging, it might be because he or she thrives on being around people. It’s going to be a while before most of us are back in our offices so help those on your team who aren’t enjoying this time away from the office.

Make time for work

Never has the line between work and home life been so blurred. According to a poll of 800 global human resources executives conducted near the end of March by Gartner, Inc., almost 90 percent of organizations were encouraging or requiring employees to work from home during the pandemic.

Set up a solid “do not disturb” timeframe during the times when you’re most productive. The time you choose will be a solid few hours where you are fully committed to work. Close the door and let your housemates act as if you’re at the office. You’ll get your tasks completed and your spouse, kids or whomever will know the ground rules.

Reserve time for recovery

Once you’ve finished your work, shut everything down until the next day. Don’t hurry through dinner with the family and rush back to the computer to answer emails that can easily wait until the morning. We have plenty of diversions and ways to relax. Whether you take a walk through the neighborhood, participate in a favorite hobby or just sit back watching Netflix, the time you spend not obsessing about work will enable you to be revitalized for tomorrow’s challenges.

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