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PDF document

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a file format that aims to accurately represent a document onscreen regardless of which computer system the file is viewed on. PDF is widely used in the printing industry and West Press prefers high-resolution Adobe PDF files when modifications or corrections are not required, with the fonts either embedded or subset.

A word of caution when editing PDFs

Always keep in mind that PDF files are an accurate representation of a document. They are meant for output or on-screen viewing. They are not intended to be intermediate files that can still be edited. Altering PDF files is a last resort – whenever possible the original source file should be corrected and a new PDF generated.

Making minor PDF edits

If you’re in a pickle and need to fix a typo in your PDF, you can edit the text using Adobe Acrobat DC (for document cloud). Use this tool only if you have a small text modification; there is no way to edit the original source file and recreate a PDF. Find out more about PDFs and Acrobat software straight from Adobe.

In Organize Pages, you can delete, swap or rotate pages as well as reverse the page order or split up the document.

More help

Here’s an extremely helpful guide that covers more of the basic use cases for reading, creating and editing PDF files. It covers creating and editing PDF files, reorganizing PDF files in Adobe Acrobat, creating a fillable form with Adobe Acrobat and working with PDF security.

If you’re looking to learn standard and lesser-known moves to help your file print at its best, the West Press’ guide Print Fit: A Guide to Whip Your Files Into Print-Ready Shape is available for free download.

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