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Our digital world demands new ways to make connections with existing or potential customers. People are impressed when they see that you’re trying unique methods to market your business.

Sometimes, they also embrace more traditional approaches. One of those is the dependable business card, a great way to make introductions dating back to the 17th Century.

A few hundred years later, we’re still using them. The new challenge is making them stand out and stay clear of the recycling bin. Here are a few thoughts on making your card a must-keep.

Use a paper stock that reflects your business

Do you plan high-end events? Consider a black card with reverse type. Is your business green? Go with a recycled stock. Make your card a visual and tactile representation of who you are.

Try a different shape

Go with a rounded edge, a square card or create a custom shape. Go a step further and produce a card that incorporates the shape of your logo or another element of your brand. Die cuts can be your friend.

Go with the fold

Don’t limit yourself to a flat business card when a single fold card can give you twice the space for information and personalization. Extra space can provide more details about your brand and services, getting you one step closer to a client relationship. 

Punch it up (or down)

Embossing creates a 3D effect on your text, graphic or design, taking your card to another level. Debossing results in the opposite effect, where the paper is pressed in instead of popping out, still creating a 3D result.

Add a varnish or spot UV

A varnish will enhance your card with deeper colors that enrich the design. The varnish can be coated as a matte or gloss to seal the paper and keep your card from wearing. A spot UV highlights certain areas of the card such as the logo, text or graphic. Either approach will get your card noticed and kept.

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