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These five questions can determine whether you are a good boss

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We have all had good and bad bosses. Lucky employees have supervisors who care about their well-being and realize that happy people are usually good workers.

Are you a good boss? If you can’t truthfully answer “yes” to all of these five questions, take time to do a little self-reflection. We can all improve in one way or another.

Are you inclusive?

If you have an issue that has multiple viable solutions, turn to your team for their thoughts. Most often, they will be the people most affected by the decision since they are doing the day-to-day work. Asking for and respecting their thoughts will go a long way toward establishing and maintaining employee enthusiasm. Just like you, they want to feel as if they’re playing a role in your company’s success.

Are you decisive?

When the time comes to make a tough choice, do it with confidence even if you have self-doubt. No one on your team wants to hear, “I was thinking maybe we should do this …” Be determined and self-assured. If things don’t work out, take the blame when your bosses ask what happened.

Are you available?

Sitting in your office with the door closed shuts you off from your team both physically and mentally. While there are always occasions when we need time to concentrate, be mindful that your employees often turn to you for leadership and you need to be there. Also, realize if your door is closed all the time, your employees are probably talking about you on the other side.

Are you considerate?

If you have an issue with an employee’s performance, address him or her in private. Nothing kills an employee’s or team’s confidence quicker than a public dressing-down. It’s inconsiderate, amateurish and obnoxious. Once you start this habit, you’ll find yourself constantly replacing employees who leave because they can’t stand their boss.

Are you appreciative?

When was the last time you told one of your employees that he or she is doing a great job? If you can’t remember, it’s been too long. Pats on the back and public recognition of a job well done build morale and loyalty. Just make sure you’re being earnest and not obligatory. Compliments mean more when they come from a foundation of sincerity.

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