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Businesses with effective HR pros have a head start on success

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Any business owner who wants to protect his or her investment should have a knowledgeable human resources professional on staff or on call.

Wonder why? Good HR pros bring an array of talents to the workplace and the best among them save more money than a business spends on them. Keep these thoughts in mind when you’re thinking about whether you should invest in one.

They have some legal knowledge

The rules of the road are constantly changing and good HR pros are on top of it all. Knowing at least the basics of employment law are essential to any organization. Such expertise can save business owners time and money when employee issues arise.

They have conflict management skills

Workplace conflicts are going to occur and they must be resolved with sensitivity and fairness. The parties involved in the conflict must be properly heard, and an unbiased solution must be reached. Much of this work will be done by an HR professional.

They make excellent first impressions

In many businesses, HR representatives are the first people new employees meet. They are there for interviews, they often make job offers and they do crucial onboarding work. Businesses with sharp HR pros have a leg up on getting good employees and keeping them.

They are trustworthy

In many organizations, the HR pro knows as much about what’s going on behind the scenes as the owner. The best human resources employees put a premium on confidentiality and can be trusted to keep things to themselves. This especially applies to employees’ personal information.

They can handle many tasks at once

An HR pro’s typical day could involve hiring, training, resolving an employee issue, starting a compensation study … all sometimes before lunch. They are masters at juggling and paying attention to detail. They are just what a successful business needs to become even better.

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